Sadly Happy has been a very sick little fellow. The ulcer in his eye was not healing so we had to take him to make the hour long trip to an eye specialist who had to give local anesthesia so that he could remove some of the dead tissue in order to spark healing. We came home with three different medicines that had to be given three times a day, plus a couple of medicines to treat the dryness of his other eye.

To make matters worse, the next day he woke up very sick. I do not know if it was the stress of the treatment, a reaction to the medicine, or a stomach bug, but the poor little fellow could not keep any food down and was drinking massive amounts of water. So on top of an nonvenomous vet bill to treat his eye, we had to rush him to his local vet where they found that his sugar had spiked from a healthy 140 to back over 600. They had to give him a shot to help reduce his insulin levels and added several more medicines to the list. No wonder he has been keeping us up most of the night.

Thankfully after many prayers the treatment and medicine are finally starting to make a difference. Happy is still drinking more water than normal, but he is no longer drinking 18 bowls of water in less than 8 hours and the very next day after the procedure he started opening his eye much wider and for twice as long as he had done for weeks. Once again, as Happy’s health starts to improve allowing us to enjoy a bit more sleep, I am amazed by how good it feels to get 5 hours of sleep rather than 1 or 2, and yet how worn out one can feel as the Adrenalin that has kept you going for weeks can finally drop.

In honor of the slight improvement in Happy’s health here is a fun Happy border Math work sheet.