Tomorrow is only a day away, at least that it was they say. Because it is amazing how quickly I can make a day seem like a million lifetimes away.

You say that you promise to take me to the vet first thing tomorrow morning when they open. So please give you a few minutes of quiet so that your head will stop pounding so tha you can get five minutes of sleep so that you will be able to safely drive?

Because it is 2 am and I have not stopped crying, whining, sighing, howling, fussing, anxiously pacing the floor, begging to go outside, and creating such a ruckus since evening so that no one has been able to get any sleep. And you are so tired and worn that the past 12 hours have felt like a million years rapped up into one exhausting night. Well all I can say is,

if you think that tonight has felt like it has dragged on forever, imagine how impossibly far away tomorrow has been for me seemingly upside down, inside out, endlessly whirling and twirling stomach!