Poor little Happy has been very sick the past week. It seems he caught a stomach bug and to make matters worse there is some type of flap in his left eye that is irritating it and causing him to develop ulcers in that eye. The poor little fellow has been so miserable that for the past week he has barely slept. Thankfully the antibiotic the doctor gave him has brought him some relief, but sadly he will have to see a specialist for his eye.

The good news is that he is finally getting a bit more sleep, the bad news is that for some reason right around bed time he still endures a burst of misery that keeps the whole house up until nearly midnight. We are all so tired that we can barely function. But what can we do, we love him dearly and are doing all in our power to help him feel better.

Needless to say, after days of barely sleeping, we have all reached the point that we barely have the energy to lift our heads. So today I thought that I would share another fun Happy inspired game. While this particular Sudoku does not star Happy, but it does reflect his love of adventure.