Like many, Happy would love to say that he does not have a proud bone in his little body.

That is right. You can look all over the world, but you will never find a more adorable, loveable, and humble little pup like me.

But if the truth be told, he does not have one proud bone,

I knew it, not one proud bone in my whole body.

nope, not one. He only has 319 proud bones in his body.

319! I protest. I am a humble little pup.

But with his own poetry book,

Aren’t I cute.


I look so comfortable.
Hey no fair, how will anyone be able to tell that is me?

a calendar,

What a Happy way to ring in the new year!


Who could resist such a heart melting apology.

And even his own mugs,

Don’t I make the perfect matching pair?

I suppose it is easy to see why he is feeling rather proud. Just as long as it does not go to his head everything will be all right.

Look at me, my adorable little face is everywhere. Maybe that means that I am king. King Happy, that has a rather nice sound to it, don’t you think. King Happy, I like the sound of that.

Ugh oh, something tells me that its too late. It sounds like Happy has a thousand proud bones with a thousand more to spare.

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