It is hard to believe it, but the first day of spring is only a few hours away. It seemed like only yesterday we were ringing in the New Year and enjoying a some refreshingly cool weather. Sadly, the lengthening days declare that the summer melt is only a few weeks away. Before the sweltering days of summer arrive, and the time spent in the garden become a tiring chore, here are a few photos from Happy’s spring garden to enjoy and hopefully inspire.

The black berries have been full of blooms for weeks
Some branches are already full of berries
Happy’s family enjoyed the delicate pink peach blossoms
and hopefully it will not be long before we enjoy our first ripe peach
It will not be long before this berry is ripe for picking
Happy would love to enjoy some fresh garden potatoes, but this one sprouted up in a rather unexpected place
Happy loves it when his yard is full of spring flowers
If all goes well, Happy will get to enjoy a few garden ripe potatoes this year
While the spring warm up will steal the smile from Happy’s human mother, there is nothing like fresh blue berries to cheer everyone up. It the sneaky mocking bird decides to be generous and leave us a few berries this year.
A very contented Happy keeping watch over his yard and garden