This sad little pup poem was inspired by the sudden change in the You Tube monetization program that has shut the door to monetization for thousands of small channels like Make Time For Happy. Many believe that these changes have been brought about by the recent scandals surrounding several supper large channels. In an attempt to assure advertisers that You Tube is on top of things, the door to monetization has been dramatically altered so that one requires 4000 hours of views and 10000 subscribers. This change not only impacts new channels, but little niche channels that have been on You Tube for 10 years without ever getting one strike.

Happy’s YouTube channel had only a few days earlier reached the recently instated goal of 10,000 lifetime views required for monetization. Everyone was excitedly looking forward to having his channel monetized once more as he was about 1/4 of his way to reaching the hundred dollar mark necessary to get paid. But in an instant our hopes were once more dashed, and I found that the best way to express my discouragement was to write this downhearted, Happy pup inspired poem.