A day of love is wonderful. It gives you time to pull away and tell your special someone how much and why you love them. But if you save up all those kind words and feelings of pour out like a feast upon one solitary day, is it any wonder that like a delicate flower, love dries up and shrivels away from a year of dearth and famine?


They said that they loved me, that I was a wonderful little pup that brought laughter into our hearts. But that was 300 hundred days ago. I wish I knew why 1 day a year I am such a delightful pup that fills their hearts with joy, and for the net 364 days I turn into a rotten pumpkin no one seems to want around.0

So while you this day to tell the ones around you just how much you care, do not forget the rest of the year and see how much happier those around you will be.