Time oh Time What Would I Do?

By Katherine B. Parilli

Time move quick,

Time move slow,

Time stand still,

Time run forward,

No time fall back.

Oh which of these I want,

This poor little pup does not know.

For when I am hungry time drags on,

but when I am having fun time suddenly does run.

Oh some days when for something great I long,

how I wish I could press fast forward,

but when I think of the heartless work of the cruel hand of time,

I think I could not be happier than if I had the power to pause or rewind

the thoughtless hand of unfeeling Father time.


Time oh time, what should I do? Today is so boring I wish I could fast forward through it, but If I were to fast forward too much I would be an old pup in a few days, rewind too far and I would have to grow up all over again!


Oh to spring forward or fall back,

to travel forward through the dull drums of time with lightening speed,

or to make life snail along when the clouds of life are fluffy and blue

I wish I knew.

But of this one thing,

and this one thing alone

can I say with confidence,

that I would give anything to spend more time with you.


Hmm, Grandpa I might not know if I want to fast forward, pause, or rewind time, but I know that if I could I would massively increase the time I had to spend with you and the rest of my dear family