Happy Go Spunky

By Katherine B. Parilli

Happy Go Lucky

Is very spunky.

If he hears a noise,

If he sees a giant shadow,

Whether it be from a mouse or giant

He does not care.

With fire in his eyes he jumps to his feet.

Ready to investigate,

Ready to protect the family he loves,

He fearlessly charges into battle with

His unknown foe.

With the enemy in sight,

His tail grows rigid

Like a pointed spear.

His back becomes taunt

Like it were cloaked in an

Invisible suite of armor.

With eyes focused on the strange creature

That dares to disturb his repose,

And ears alert to the slightest threat,

He bravely prepares to meet this dastardly menace to his home.


Where’s the danger? I’m sure that I heard a sound I don’t like.

With a subtle grrr,

He gives his final warning.

But the giant shadow does not hear.

Jumping to his feet with a shout,

He growls his way into battle

Like a ferocious wolf defending its den.

He courageously marches onward into battle

To save his little home.


Dancing in tight circles

He parades his frightful armor.

Baring his teeth so that they sparkle

Like a threatening row of sabers guarding a castle.

How a Lazy Pup Drinks Water

Never mind, its only Grandpa and Auntie bringing me a bowl of water.

Onward he rushes

Until with great joy and delight,

And perhaps a sigh of relief,

He quickly discovers that the source of his threatening shadow

Is neither a frightful monster

Or a threatening giant,

But the harmless harbinger of

A friend tried and true.