Imagined fear is one of the greatest hindrances to success. We start off dreaming of doing something wonderful. Imagining all the wondrous benefits of being a success in our chosen path. With wide smiles we look over our carefully laid plans, assuring ourselves that the hours of hard labor learning and working to reach our goal will be worthwhile because the rewards to be reaped our greater than months and years of sweat.


I know what, I am going to be the king of bones. No one knows more about bones than I do. With a little work and the right recipe I can make bones so delicious that pups will line up for miles to have one.

But what happens the moment our confidence reaches its peak? Fear like a bad dream sneaks its way into our visions of a brighter tomorrow. Casting its dark shadow over our vision it boldly intrudes itself into our plans pessimistically declaring that sorrow and heart break can only be the result of following our dreams. Insinuating that if we attempt to walk down this unique path, we will fall flat on our face and the world will laugh at us. Declaring that we do not have the talent, the gift, the intelligence, etc required to make it in our chosen field. Warning us that by venturing off the safe road we are risking a sure thing for something that might never pan out.

And before we know what has happened, all our bright visions have evaporated. Our confidences lies shattered in the dust. As a blizzard of fear engulfs in a dream freezing cloud of doubt. All to often, in just a few seconds a little seed of fear somehow manages to sprout into a forest of second guessing and doubt so insurmountable, that we are incapable of navigating over or around it.

Even when our dreams may have been built upon the firmest of foundations, relying upon a keen knowledge of our interest and talents, fear like an earth scorching dragon attacks with such power that we keel over without a fight. Tossing aside our chance at working in a field that we are passionate about, of going on an adventure that we will talk of for a lifetime, or even of starting a hobby that will bring us many evenings of joy. All because the cruel sector of fear insinuated that there was a risk of looking foolish in  the eyes of our peers.


What was I thinking. Only a grade A fool builds an empire around selling bones. The market is flooded with a hundred varieties all ready. Who would ever notice my bones buried under the mountain of choice.

Before we know what has happened, our vision has faded and the opportunity of a lifetime is no more. All because it was easier to listen to the voice of fear rather than take the risk of looking like a fool in the eyes of a few, even if it means looking in the mirror and feeling like a total failure.