Truth relativism promotes the idea that there is not such thing as absolute truth. That truth is dependent upon time, culture, and personal perspective. This idea that preferences and even opinion is relative. That one’s opinion is dictated by culture, time, personal experience, etc., and what is a valuable preference for one is not necessarily for another. For example, one might hold the opinion that

I think that bone A is the most delicious bone ever made.



A yummy bone yes, but too me it does not even make the top ten.

Car rides are the only way to travel



Car rides are interesting, but for me flying is the only way to go.


or flower gardens are the greatest.



Flowers are nice, but a food garden is a million times yummier.

Because we all have our own opinions and preferences. And the fate of the world does not depend upon all loving macaroni over spaghetti.

The problem with truth relativism is that it declares there is no such thing as absolute truth, not that there is no such thing as absolute opinions.