Computers are a most amazing and wondrous invention. They are capable of taking you to wondrous, far flung places and share your voice with the world, yet settled enough to help you complete the humdrum daily task of life. The world as we know it would not be possible without this revolutionary invention that helps power our lives. Thanks to this incredible machine we can schedule our day, balance our budget, create imperative business documents, send emails to friends and colleagues around the world, or just take a moment from our busy day to laugh at a cute pup video.

Yet wondrous as this life altering machine is, there is one major problem with it. And that is that we rely upon them for nearly every waking moment of our lives that if anything should happen to our computers, it can seem for a terrifying moment that our world has come to an end.


Oh no!  The sky is falling, the sky if falling! My computer is dead and I can no longer watch cute Happy Pup videos, what will I do? Call out the Puppy guard, because this is the worst disaster ever! How will I survive three whole days without my beloved computer?