Happy’s Dance


By Katherine Breanne Parilli


With a wiggle of my tail,

A scrunch of my black nose,

I lifted my head,

Tilted it to the side,

And let my ears flop in in the wind.


If I time this just right, I know that my little dance will melt your heart.

I stood on my back paws,

Balancing daintily in the air

Like a ballerina floating on a breeze.

Stepping backwards and forwards,

Swaying softly from side to side,

Until my eyes locked with yours.


Waving my paws

Like an old familiar friend

Eager to remember

The golden days of yore

I beckoned you to my side.


Twisting and turning

With the skill of a gymnast

I made my way to your side.

Jumping and cooing,

Bouncing from the floor to your arms

With the lightness of a gazelle

Chasing the wind.


It took some patience but with some clever maneuvering I won the coveted role of Pup King of the Sofa and undisputed master of the sofa.

Until with

A joyous sneeze of victory

I claimed my prize.

I claimed my new nation.


And now your life,

Your home,

Your money,

Your sofa,

And your pizza curst

Will never again be your own.