Spending your days dreaming about a life fully lived and one cold day you will wake up and realize that your wood pile is empty and you have no wood in your memory pile to full the fire and make your tired heart warm.

hap 1

If I had the chance the first thing I would do is travel from one coast to the other on a train, take a picnic in a hot air balloon, spend a year traveling around the world on a luxury liner, and then…hmmm.. what next? I guess I shall just have to take a nap and figure out the rest.

So instead of dreaming of all the things you want to, should do, ought do, might do, need to, would like to,  hope to, and any other to and get up and just get up and do something. I guarantee that it will put a bigger smile on your face and brighten your day more than a lifetime collection of unpursued dreams.



Look, I planted my very own garden. It might not be as wonderful as traveling the world, but at least I will be able to eat the fruit of this dream!