Buyer Beware

By Katherine Breanne Parilli


Oh buyer beware that if once you look into my eyes your life will never be the same,

If once my waggling tail your gaze does fascinate,

Your home will never be you own again,

Or my cold wet nose does your hand meet,

Upon your food I will feast.


Thank you for sharing, your food is so delicious.


Oh buyer beware,

That by any means,

Whether it be by licking your hand,

Or kissing your cheek,

I will make a line straight and sure

To steal your heart,

And into your life I will burrow my path.


Oh buyer beware,

That if one look you dare to take,

My lonely eyes will your soul captivate,

And by my heartbroken bark your pocket book I shall overcome.


Beware, just one look in my eyes and I will be King of your heart. 


Oh buyer beware,

If home so neat,

And sleep so precious are your delight,

And if adventure you do fear,

Oh buyer beware,

Run not walk to the nearest exit,

Lest I your heart do win!