The more time I spend studying my little pup the more I find that there is too learn. I have come to the conclusion that those who think that animals are flat, two dimensional creatures devoid of personality have never spent any quality time with one or have had their mind washed with the scientific jargon that seeks to break everything down into concrete formula where A + B will always create reaction C and multiply it by D will without fail result in E.

But like humans, animals cannot be placed into tidy little categories stripped of personality and devoid of the unexpected variance that create headaches for scientific laws. Take my little Happy Pup for instance. He has a personality all of his own. He loves food with a passion, is ready to jump into the car at the slightest mention of car or out, and an impossible sense of humor. He loves to tease and annoy certain members of the family almost as much as he loves his food.

But what is more amazing is the fact that Happy, through the power of observation has been able to watch and learn facts that I just assumed a dog would not understand. But like a little child, what Happy has picked up from the human world has often left me speechless as I realize over and over that God’s creation is far more glorious and complicated than we humans have given Him credit for.

One of the best examples of this is the way that Happy has been able to pick up and retain information from the television shows that we have played in our home. While he missed a question or two, Happy without prompting or training on our part was able to correctly identify if the character named belonged to Hogan’s Heroes or F Troop.