It has been said that there is a treasure of great price that if you find, it is worth selling all that you have to make it your own. If you are fortunate to ever find such a treasure, do not hesitate to sell all that you have to make it your own. That is after you have taken a deep breath and like a wise pup made certain that is the genuine thing. Lest smitten by a bit of sparkle and a dash of glitter, your heart should be swept up by the dream of untold riches that in the end prove to be nothing more than fools gold.

What do you mean make sure that it is real? Isn’t it common knowledge that if it glitters it must be silver or gold? Are you saying that all that glitters isn’t gold, and that the shinny jewel encrusted crown the pup next door wanted to sell me for a couple of dollars so he could pay off his debts was a fake?