Sometimes I wish that I lived in the imaginary hypothetical world and not the real world. Then if ever I wanted something, all I would have to do is lift my little paw and poof, my wish would become a reality. In the world of hypothetical, I could declare myself a millionaire pup with a hundred servants at my beck and call, and like that, my dreams would come true.

But sadly, I live in the real world and all the hypothetical statements, arguments, and wishes cannot transform me from a poor little pup into rich tycoon with a full staff of cooks, groomers, and chaufers waiting to answer my tiniest bark.

And while I dream of the grand world of hypothetical where all the could be, would be, and maybes become reality, there must be some benefit to living in the real world, right?

Hmm, I’m thinking. I ‘m thinking. I am sure there is a benefit. Give me a year or two to think, five or ten at the most. I am sure that I will come up with some benefit eventually.