Great news, Happy went to the vet and had his glucose checked and it was a wonderful 135! Yes, his glucose is still a bit elevated, but nothing like it was for the past six or seven months. After spending months with a glucose of 735 and above, 135 is definitely worth celebrating.

My one regret is that we were not able to get his glucose levels down before diabetes stole his sight. It is hard to watch my little pup stumble and bump into walls. But the good news is that as his glucose levels have dropped his ability to walk around the house and even the yard has dramatically improved. He is now trying to find his way to the food bowl and he is learning to find the porch door. We still have to carry him in or out, but every once and a while he was able to make it inside all by himself.

It is so nice to see the smile return to his face, to see him become a playful pup once more, and know that he is enjoying life again.

I wish we had been able to get Happy’s glucose down in time to save his vision, but it is so nice to see the smile on his face once more.

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