Today one of the main buzzwords of the day is unity. Like a healing balm it is declared that unity, unity, o blessed unity is our hope. And that for the sake of us all every difference must be laid aside so we can unite, unite, unite in order to save the world. But is brushing aside truth for unity the saftest course?

I mean we can lay aside common sense and unite upon a broken table or around a meal of undercooked chicken and potato salad that has been sitting in the sun for the last four or five hours, and we might enjoy a couple of hours of song and joy. But when people end up in the hospital with broken bones and food poisoning, I doubt it will be very long before the war starts up all over again.

I sure wouldn’t feel like a peaceful pup and want to join hand if it meant that I had to endure the misery of a broken paw and a whirling, twirling, sea sawing stomach.