Sometimes we think that the only way to make a great memory is do something grand like take a trip around the world, sail on some massive cruise ship, climb a mountain, or jump off a cliff. But the best memories are often built around the the little things of life like getting together with the ones you love and making a batch of cookies, singing in the car, having a water fight while washing the car, or the fun of spending an hour on the floor trying to figure out how to assemble a desk. Because not only are they made beautiful by love, but they can be brought to mind a thousand times a day in a thousand different ways.

Oh look, I remember the last time we saw that sign. We were taking a trip with Grandpa and he was singing that silly song I hated. Oh how I would give anything to hear him sing that song now.
Look at those berries, it will not be long before they are ripe. I remember how much Grandpa loved eating berries. He must have loved me so much to be so willing to share the few berries he had with me.
Did you hear that car door slam shut. It reminded me of how much I looked forward to the sound of Grandpa coming home after a long day of shopping and the joy of seeing him and smelling all those delicious groceries.
Sitting on this sofa reminds me of the fun I used to have making silly videos with Grandpa and auntie.
I never realized until today how easy it was to make great memories, or how hard it was to know that you will never be able to make any more memories with someone you love.

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