Becoming a success at music, business, school, or work is not easy. It requires hours of patient toil, faithful study, the determination to keep your eyes on the long term goal, the desire to improve, a willingness to give 100 percent when you would rather give 0, and often takes us out of our comfort zone.

Doing nothing on the other hand is easy. It requires no work, no effort, no toil, no learning, no self-sacrifice, and comes as natural as breathing. it

The choice is yours, you can chose to enjoy an easy today and reap the pains of an empty tomorrow, or work hard today and enjoy a rich and promising tomorrow.

Hmm, I want to be a success, and enjoy a bright tomorrow, but why does it have to take so many days of hard work before I can finally relax enjoy the delicious taste of success? Is it just me or does it seem like all too often success requires the work of a lifetime before it comes your way?