It is with a very heavy heart that this unwanted post is made. On Wednesday night of last week, Happy’s dear Grandpa went to bed planning the next day to find out information about buying his and Happy’s dream country home. But after breakfast he felt too ill to drive. That evening we had to call 911 because he was throwing up massive amounts of blood.

Still our hopes were high that in a few days we would all be reunited and preparing to move to our country home. But by Sabbath, December 12, our hopes were crushed, when we arrived at the hospital and found Happy’s Grandpa was unconscious. Sadly, sometime around 3:30 our beloved husband, Father, and Grandfather, quietly went to sleep.

His faith in his Savior unshaken, our hope is that one day soon, on that longed for resurrection morning, he will hear the trumpet call, and wake up from his dusty bed. And then, with great joy, we will reunite never more to part.

Today our hearts are full of heaviness, because we miss him so much. He was a wonderful man who did all he could to take care of his family. What higher praise can be given than to say he loved his Lord, he loved his family, and by the strength of God he sought to faithfully walk the narrow way.

While we miss him so much, and our eyes are filled with tears because of our great loss. Our heavy hearts have been made much lighter by the promise that one day soon we shall meet again. The hardship now is for the living who for a little while longer must endure the burdens of this uncertain life. But our sorrow is tempered by the knowledge that from now on, nothing in this life can hurt him or cause him anymore pain. Henceforth a crown of glory is waiting for him. And oh, oh how we do long for the joy of the resurrection morning! And it is our hope that we will honor his memory the way he would desire, by holding fast to the side of our Savior so that on that great day we will be reunited never, never, never again to part!

In honor of Happy’s dear Grandpa, here are some videos and pictures of happier times and memories.

Happy and his Grandpa relaxing.
Happy on a ride with Grandpa and his family.
Happy enjoying a treat from his Grandpa.
Happy comforting his Grandpa after breaking a couple of ribs.
Happy, Grandpa, and Auntie preparing to make a video for Happy’s You Tube Channel.
Happy and Grandpa enjoying a few minutes of relaxation.
Happy playing with his Grandpa.

And please, if you read this post, in honor of Happy’s dear Grandpa. Please give your loved ones a big hug and let them know just how much you love them. Because you never know what the next moment will bring. You might wake up ready to fulfill your dearest dream, and only hours later you might be laying your loved one to rest.