The past couple of months have been hard for Happy when out of the blue his weekly adventures came to an abrupt end. Overnight he went from going out at least once or twice a week, and sometimes five or six times, to being stuck home. His only opportunity to leave the home a rare trip to the pharmacy around the corner and to the vet when he got sick. Deprived of adventure and the admiration of passing strangers, it was not long into the lock down before the usually bright expression on Happy’s face had been exchanged for a downcast expression befitting a stormy sky.

As I studied his downcast face, I knew that my normally exuberant little pup, who was overflowing with a love of life and people, was struggling with a bout of doggy depression. From his sluggish step, his hanging head, and faraway gaze, I could see that he was longing to break free of the same four walls and enjoy a long ride in the country, to be pushed in the cart around the garden section, and to be told by some passing admirer that he was a sweet little fellow.

If the struggle to be locked up within the same four walls for so long was taking its toll upon those of us who at least had some understanding of what was taking place, I could only imagine what it must be for the many adventure loving pup’s who could not ask why their lives had changed so radically, why they could no longer go to the park and play with friends? Discouraged and depressed they could only lay upon their beds, wondering what had become of their grand life. If they could talk,  and express their loneliness, their deep sadness, I imagine that they might say something like…

So Long Sweet Puppy Life

By Katherine B. Parilli

So long sunlight,

so long life,

so long laughter,

so long sweet melodies,

so long blue skies,

so long hope and dreams,

so long days of adventure,

so long all that is beautiful and sweet.


You have gone away,

you have marched upon your sturdy steed into the sunset,

leaving behind a drenching hurricane of tears.

Leaving behind a battered field of grieving pup’s whose dreams have been shattered,

whose love for adventure has been robbed.

Leaving them to mourn,

to cry,

to fretfully howl,

as they remember days so grand,

when friendship and life were ever close at hand.


Now instead of wandering paths,

and the invigorating smell of the pizza parlor,

the call of an open road,

the thrill of whizzing down the highway,

the relief of going to the groomer,

or the delight of meeting a new friend,

empty days,

filled with loneliness is our unfortunate lot.


I’m ready and waiting to go on a long day of adventure.

As we wait,

as we dream,

as we hope,

that the fabled day of promise

when our supposedly God given rights,

our divinely offered freedoms,

shall graciously be returned,

and we can play,

we can wander,

and once again live life to the fullest

shall at last,

like a spring bouquet,

arrive and fill the earth with its sweet perfume,

trusting that like the rising and setting of the sun,

this seemingly endless day of adversity,

will indeed come to its rightful end.


What do you mean soon but not yet? It has been more than two months since I went for a long ride to the country or went to the store. How much longer is soon? If soon waits much longer, I will be a hundred year old pup. That’s not soon, that is forever!

But until then,

my poor puppy heart shall worry,

shall fear,

shall mourn for the memory of what was.

And my little doggy soul shall beg,

shall plead,

shall eagerly long,

for the day when I can leave the tiring confines of these four walls,

And once again explore the world,

and know the delight of adventure,

and the joy of being loved and hugged by one and all.