To tell an adventurous pup must stay home, is a bitter pill indeed.


What do you mean the ride has been canceled? But I had my heart set on a day of fun in the sun and nonstop adventure.

But as difficult as it may be,


Life without going out is so boring, boring. Life locked up in the house is so boring, boring. Life on the couch is so very, very, very boooring.

this little pup will do his best to remain cool, calm, and collected.


Please take me out. Please take me for a ride to the grocery store, the post office, the corner gas station. I do not care if you take me to the vet to get a dozen shots. Just please take me out. I’m going stir crazy and its only been fifteen minutes.

And concentrate on the hope that slow as the hand of time may sometimes move,


What, only six minutes to one. Something is wrong with the clock because it must have been six minutes to one for at least five hours.

the cold days of boredom will at last come to an end, and the spring of adventure will finally bloom once more.


At last, three cheers for spring adventure. Hip, hip, hooray for a day of fun and rides!