If only this year it could be my birthday every day of the year, oh what a happy pup I would be! With plenty of love, attention, games, and a generous helping of cake and ice cream it would be the best thing ever.


All for me, you shouldn’t have! But then again, maybe you should have!

Not only would it make for a thrilling year, but by years end I would not only be the happiest, but the riches pup on the block.


So many birthdays, so many gifts, why I feel as rich as a king upon his throne.

There is only one thing that bothers me, only one tiny little question that I have. And I hope that you have the answer to the question. If every day of this year were my birthday,


would that mean that by the end of this year I would be a very old 365, no worse yet, thanks to leap year a very ancient 366 year old pup?


Never mind, the thought is too horrible. As much as I like the dream, its not worth the risk. I would rather dream about the wonders of having a birthday every day, then get the answer to the question wrong and by the power of a foolish wish and a helping dose of greed, have transformed myself overnight from a healthy young pup into a an ancient dog.