Internet Oh Internet

By Katherine B. Parilli

Internet oh internet,

where art thou hiding?

My work pile so high,

this poor pup does desperately need to complete.

Yet like a chastised doggie,

Thou art hiding in some unseen corner,

Until my nerves so tender,

Do melt into utter desperation,

And with a sea of tears,

I fall and beg

Before thy jubilant feet.


Internet oh internet,

Where art thou hiding?

With earnest heart I have looked high and low,

Searching futilely behind hidden corners,

Moving every stick of furniture,

And turning my little house upside down.

Yet despite my sighs and whimpers,

In spite of the melding warmth of my pleading eyes,

And the sweetness of my happily wagging tail,

You have locked your signal deep within an impenetrable vault.


Hey, where did the internet go? All I did was press this button, honest.

Internet oh internet,

Where art thou hiding?

Why have you turned your back,

And closed your ears to my howls of entreaty?

For how can I do my work,

Or share my wide-eyed photos of excitement

If your wide-reaching arms you do hide?


Internet oh internet,

Where are you hiding?

Oh, what terrible wrong,

Oh, what fearful slight,

Could this delightful bundle of fur,

This sweet collection of paws,

Have possibly committed,

To call forth such stubborn silence?


Internet oh internet,

Please listen to my gentle plea,

And forget the irritated growls

And frustrated snarls my mountain of work called forth.

And behold instead my friendly smile

And outstretched paw of friendship,

And please come out of hiding.

© 2020