Waiting, waiting, why is this world filled with so much waiting? Every morning I have to wait for my food,


Breakfast is not ready yet? I know that you have only been up for five minutes, but hit only take a few seconds to warm up my food.

wait until my family gets ready to take me for a ride,


I’m ready too go for a ride! What do you mean that your not ready. How long does it take to grab a set of keys and head out the door. Why it only took me a second to reach the door, surely that was more than enough time for you to get ready.

wait for my garden to grow,


Hey, who stole my veggies! I planted my garden the day before yesterday and there is no sign of fresh veggies. What, it will take days, even weeks to get fresh veggies! Man this waiting thing is getting old.

wait for my birthday bone,


Oh look, its my birthday bone. No..how can that be…Yes I know that yesterday was my birthday, but that was yesterday, what about today’s birthday bone? Not for another year? You mean I actually have to wait an entire year before I have my next birthday? Your kidding me right?

and now they tell me that I have to wait to see if I will be able to get on my land.


Hurray the land is clear, now we can move onto my land. No, not again. We already waited a whole year to clear it, and not you say that I have to wait even longer for a house to be build. Oh man, why is that everything I want requires a ton of waiting?

Oh why does it seem like everything worth having, requires hundreds of hours of waiting?