In the dead of winter when all is frozen, how I long for the lazy, hazy, and wonderfully warm days of summer.


Help, my nose is so cold that I think it is going to freeze. Oh if only the lazy, hazy, warm days of summer where here to save my freezing bones!

But when at last those longed for days of warmth arrive, how quickly the burning heat of the summer sun swallows up the longing and turn my tears of gratitude into cries of baked misery from being too hot to move, and bored out of my perspiration dripped mind. And it does not take long before my dreams of the lazy, hazy, and comfortingly warm days of summer are transformed into longed for visions of winter’s suddenly refreshing chill.


Go outside? Play in the sun? Run around the backyard? Your kidding, right. Why a pup would be a fool to step foot outside, never mind exert himself in this miserable heat.  It must be 500 degrees out there, do you want me to have a heat stroke or something. Just wake me up when summer is over and the wonderful chill of winter can finally cool my sun baked bones.