Have you ever noticed that when you hate or dread something, the day of that event seems to leap upon you like a hungry lion hunting down an anemic zebra with a broken leg? But if you are looking forward to a day or an event that time crawls along like a tired snail searching for a hotel in the middle of the night? And is it just me, but doesn’t it seem like the more you want something, the slower time gets?

Take for instance the dream of moving to the country and enjoying the little piece of land we lovingly refer to as Happy’ Acres. After months of searching and waiting we were delighted to finally find someone to clean our land. With great joy we watched as our land was transformed from this


into something far more promising, a lovely clear looking piece of land.


After long months of time moving painfully slow, we at last had a clear piece of land. Surely it would not be long before time sprung forward to the point where there was at last a comfortable home waiting for us to move in, right?

Sadly time walked, ran, no bolted at the speed of sound to an even we did not want, as four months later our clean slate now looked like the early stages of a jungle as many of the bushes and even some of the trees quickly began to grow back.


And still, after months of hoping, waiting, and a long list of set backs (for which time moved with lightening speed), time seems to stand still, refusing to budge closer to our longed for event and fast forward to the point where our home proudly sits on Happy Acres.