Patience, patience, patience, why does everything require patience! Preparing a garden bed,


How long does it take to make a garden? Ten hours of work and my garden bed is not even half done.

then waiting for  your garden to grow,


Hey what’s wrong, I planted my seeds twenty minutes ago and nothings happened yet.

waiting for opening presents,


What do you mean I have to wait for the guest to arrive? Why can’t I open it now and tell them about it latter?

making Grandpa well,


But why can’t we go for a ride, Grandpa took the medicine two whole minutes ago. Surely he must be well by now.

and even building a house


Hurray my land has been clear now we can move into our new home. What??? It hasn’t been built yet. That will take at least a year! Then what am I getting in shape for, by that time I will be a grey headed old dog incapable of walking five feet!

all requires load, after load, after endless loads of patience.

But there is one thing in life that does not require any patience at all. All you have to do is sneeze, blink, or turn your back for one second and it will instantly be there waiting for you, and that is bills, bills, and more bills. Because like taxes and death, bills are a 100 percent certain calamity of modern life. That will with blind speed find you when you are neither expecting it or waiting for it to happen.


What happened, I blinked and a hundred bills came out of nowhere and robed me of all my money. I know that they were not there a second ago, I blinked and whoosh, they descend upon me with the speed of light. Humph, the one thing in life I can wait for is the only thing I never have to wait for, there must be some sort of irony in that.