Do today, what you could tomorrow and you will thank yourself when you are sitting by the pool sipping a tall glass of pineapple shake, but put off for tomorrow what you can do today and you’ll be crying in the dog house when everyone else is having fun at the beach while your drowning in a million tomorrow’s worth of work.


What do you mean I can’t go? Everyone else is going. So I am little bit behind in my chores. I’m only a few days behind. Everyone falls behind once and a while. All I have to do is take out a few dozens bags of trash, clean a hundred dishes, sweep the floor, and finish my homework. I can have it done in five minutes if I put my mind to it.

So do the wise thing and do today as much as you can of what you would rather do tomorrow so that instead of sulking in the corner trying to hide from your mountain of work, you can be out in the fresh air chasing down a mountain of adventure.


Wow, keeping up with my chores is no fun, but the rewards are a thousand times better than the penalty for goofing off.