The new year is almost here. The old slate with all of its faults and errors is bout to be thrown out, and a new slate, free of all the mistakes of the old is waiting for us to mold and create something wonderful.

Inspired by the idea of a new slate, many will pause in the few remaining moments of the old year to partake of the the annual ritual of writing a new years resolution. That humble list of all the things we hope to do, we wish to accomplish, and the many changes we hope will transform our hum drum lives from ordinary into something extraordinary. For some the list is simple, focused, and to the point. While others make it as elaborate as the startling vision they have for their future.

My house has never been big on writing an annual resolution. Not that we did not have or express our hopes and dreams for the coming year, but the idea of putting it on paper never appealed to us. But as this year draws to a close, I thought it would be a curious thing to make Happy’s new years resolution, if he could make one that it.

Here is what I think Happy’s New Years list would like if he could make one.

Resolution number 1, take more rides. Seeing as much of the world as I possibly can will broaden my horizons by introducing me to new sights, sounds, and smells. So it will be my goal to encourage my family to go for as many rides and travel as far as I can get them to travel.

Number 2, take more naps. Life is better when body and mind are rested so daily, nay morning, afternoon, and evening naps will help to boost my energy so I will remain in tip top mental and physical shape.

Number 3 taste new things. A full tummy is the key to a full heart and vibrant life so I will enjoy as many treats and interesting meals as come my way.

Number 4 exercise. Exercise is good for bone, mind, and body. But too much exercise can trigger aches and pains so my goal for this year is to exercise when I must, but not enough to dampen my zest for life.

And my final goal is to be the sweetest, happiest, go lucky little puppy that I can be.

haircut happy

Happy New Years everyone!