The Lazy hazy Days of a Happy

By Tim D. Adamson

Good morning to you all my family and friends

Oh what a beautiful day

It’s a nice day to seek an adventure

To have some fun and to jump up and down on laps seeking all the attention I can get

But no, alas I think I will just lie here on this couch

All spread out and just sleep the day away


What a comfortable chair. I think I could stay here all day.


So here I am

I look at each of my family pack and think

Oh how nice it is to be with all of you

I’m so glad that you rescued me from that place I used to be

I look about the room

Wow this is such a big space for me to investigate

It sure beats that little gage my old place kept me in

I could but no I’ll just lie here and be lazy today


I’m so glad that you want to play, but I’d rather stay here all day.


What’s this I hear

The ring of our door

I’ll jump up run about and bark, bark, bark

This should chase that whoever he is away

My job here is done

Now I will go back to my laziness on the couch

I’m so glad you rescued me from that other place

Oh how happy I am here


Bed time anyone?


I love you all

Good night I’m going to sleep now