My name is happy go lucky

By Dawn Giovannie


My name is happy go lucky.

And I am happy most of the time.

With all the love I receive;

I can make you lucky also.

I am most happy when I have bones.

I can give my family a bone;

I know they care for me.



Oh look, its a yummy bone, that means my family really loves me!


I am some where about 7 years old.

Each day I gain a new perspective.

I love my family so much that I will protect them against any intruder.

My life is very sweet.

And I will brighten you day with my cheerfulness.

I think me and my family make quite a nice pair.

In my house I am a buck private.

But it has given me a new perspective.

I love everyone that will have me.

And if you would come to my home I am sure I could melt your heart too.

If anyone should laugh it should be me.