I have heard it said that time is money. But what if your money could buy time like a plan for your phone? Would you choose to buy a plan that gave you wealth beyond your wildest dreams, where you would be lifted up to the highest position in the land, and the masses would hang upon your every word. The only catch is that this high milage plan has a hard deadline, and expires at midnight ten, twenty, or thirty years after purchase. And then, like a bright light at the end of its lifetime goes dark never to turn on again, you fall asleep never more to wake.

Or would you choose the second option, where you spend a hundred years, toiling to earn your daily bread, where at every turn you have to fight to keep a roof over your head. Where the world’s elite scoff at your aches and pain, and the majority close their ears to your tears of desperation and your groans of pain. But, after your days of striving are done, you are given a plot of land where you and yours can spend eternity growing and building, never again to taste fear or want?

Hmm, this sounds like another trick question. Who in their right mind would not love to live the life of a fawned over star. But as much as I hate toil and strife, I would rather pay my bill upfront rather than enjoy a bite of the most expensive cake I’ve ever heard of.