It is not the true measure of the pup if he can smile when all goes well, but if he can hold onto peace and keep joy in his heart when everything goes wrong.

It is true that everything has gone wrong. Diabetes has dimmed my eyes and stolen my health, inflation has swallowed up my budget and has decimated my business. True it is a race as to which will empty first, the fridge or my bank account, and it feels like the world is seeking to crush the life from my bones and the last ounce of joy from my heart.
But it is also true that God watches over me like He does the sparrow, and he sends the sun to warm my bones, the breeze to cool my skin, and the rain to wash my fur. And although I cannot see,He has increased my taste buds, heightened my hearing, and given me a family to hover over me. Therefore, even though it may appear to the world that all is lost, I have reason to smile because I can still hold onto hope.