Some days I think this world is full of the most amazing wonders and such beauty that I fear my heart shall burst. Other days I make the mistake of turning on the new and I quickly begin to wonder if the world has gone crazy and I am the only one whose brain has not been flipped upside down?

Wait a second, did I hear that right? Did the news really just say that I need to stop hurting the feelings of the hawk that has been eyeing me from my own fence because they took a vote and decided that they are now dogs with wings? That I must stop threatening the alligators with my cruel and derogatory declarations about them being heartless dog eaters, since they are nothing more than misunderstood kittens with extra wide grins. And that I needed to put aside my clear prejudice and except a bear hug from my local 20 foot python, excuse me, I mean the hug and tears volunteers. After all we would not want to offend those bone crushers by making them sound like hungry opportunist that should be feared by every wise pup.

Flying hawk dogs, alligator kittens, and python hug and tears volunteers? Has the world flipped upside down and inside out? Am I the only sane pup left? I know, its all a crazy nightmare. I just need to crawl into bed and wake up from this nap. Yup, let me go back to bed and wake me up when this fearful nightmare has come to a safe and pleasant end.