Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that on a day that you are stuck doing chores that you hate, there is never a cloud in the sky and the just grins down at you. But the moment that it is time to do something that you really enjoy, rain clouds, hurricanes, thunder bolts, hail, blizzards, and whatever else the weather can think to throw at you, come from nowhere and destroys all of your fun.

Is it just me or the weather seem to know when you are doing something that you love and when you are stuck doing a task that you hate, and sometimes does it not feel like its gets a thrill of joy in destroying all of your fun?

Hurray the chores are done and their not a cloud in the sky. Now that I finished my work I can finally have some fun and go for a long car ride and then enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool. All I have to do is grab a cup of water and a few snacks and we will be off for our adventure.

What do you mean we can not go because its storming outside? The whole time I was weeding the garden and shoveling stinky compost there was not a drop of rain nor the tiniest groan of thunder.Why only two minutes ago when I looked out the window the sky was perfectly clear. But the moment that I am going to have fun it lets lose hurricane force winds and a flood of water. I guess the weather has some type of anti-fun radar, because it sure knows when to pour down on my party.