It is another sad day in Happy’s life. This weekend, at the still too young age of 101, Happy’s human great-grandma passed away. From the first moment that he met her, it was clear by the wide smile on his face and his desperate attempt to get to her lap that he loved her and recognized that she was part of his family. Their bond was made even stronger, when almost at the same time, both of them lost their sight. Even though he could not see her, the smile still lit up his face when he heard her voice. Every night when Happy’s great-grandma would talk with his grandma, she would ask how he was doing, and if he was sick she would say a prayer for him. Now Happy’s heart is a bit heavier as he thinks about the ones that he love and how quickly this precious time passes. Reluctantly he now has to say good bye one last time to his dear great-grandma, as he impatiently waits for the blessed reunion morning.

In honor of Happy’s Grandmother, here is a Happy inspired maze and a short acrostic poem staring Happy’s great-grandma and her sister.