Because I am recuperating from yesterdays much needed iron infusion, I was struggling to come up with a Happy’s Thought of the Day. I was considering missing today’s post, when I learned about a fun sounding activity called Word Ladder and thought I would share a few dog inspired word ladders.

The activity with word ladders is to change just one letter at a time to
get from the start word to the end word.

  1. dog-beg
  2. dog-wag
  3. dogs-pets
  4. happy-laugh
  5. doggy-bones

For more Happy Dog inspired fun check out this fun Happy inspired blank journal, I Love You Almost as Much as I Love Cake I Promise: A Funny Hard Cover, Blank Lined Journal, Notebook, or Diary that Makes a Great Gift for the Ones You Love.

or these fun, I love pizza mugs in purple and black.


  1. dog-bog-beg
  2. dog-wog-wag
  3. dogs-dots-pots-pets
  4. happy- harpy-harry-hairy-hairs-lairs-laics-laich-laigh-laugh
  5. doggy-boggy-bogey-boney-bones