For most of the year, an itch is just just an itch. A casual nuisance that works itself out within a few moments. But during the peak of allergy season, it is as if the itch takes hold to the point that night or day all I can do is scratch and lick myself raw. Sometimes it gets so bad, that terror of terrors, it becomes strong enough to drive food from my mind. So that I have to stop and ask, do I have an itch, or does the itch have me?

IF you had asked me that question a month ago I would have called it nonsense, but after a week of barely sleeping, and hours and hours of endless scratching, I cannot help but think that the itch has me, or at least total control of me. I sure hope that allergy season won’t last much longer, I do not think that I can survive a few more days of this, never mind a few more weeks.