It once one said that the truth would set you free. But today, those same freeing words of truth, will get you labeled as a heartless, soulless bully worthy of being erased from society. But it seems to this little pup that this is a dangerous pit. For what if I really was not only your best friend, but your trusted Dr. Happy paws, and I knew that you only had 24 hours to live. And to speak the fearful truth would have me labeled as a bully and get me banished from life. Would I really be a good friend if in order to protect myself I remained silent and let you believe that all was well? If instead of giving you and your family a chance to prepare for the sorrow to come, to get your house in order, and tell the ones you love how much you care, I let you walk out of my office believing that you had ten, twenty, thirty, or more years ahead of you causing you to miss out on hearing and sharing the last, and most precious words of love?

Truth is not always a pleasant diagnosis, but Dr. Happy paws knows for a fact, that a lie, no matter how ear pleasing and comforting, will bring you greater sorrow. And has the power to rob you of time with the ones that you hold dear.