It seems that lately either we are home or having to go out almost every day. A few months ago this was a pretty simple task, but now that Happy has diabetes and needs to drink this has become more complicated. It used to be that we would bring a paper bowl and share some of the cool water from our water bottles with him. Since he was not the biggest fan of water, sharing with Happy was issue, even in the heat of summer. But thanks to Happy’s diabetes’ his thirst level has increased to the point that he can drink bowl after bowl of water leaving very little water left for anyone else. While considering how to solve this problem my sister came across a video showing off a portable dog water bottle. Immediately she decided it would be a great idea to help keep Happy hydrated.

It really is a handy little tool. It allows Happy to have his own dedicated water supply and an attached reusable bowl. We fill the bottle with some ice water and whenever Happy is thirsty we just have to push a button and the little bowl starts filling up with cool water.. But best of all, if there is more water in the bowl than what Happy wants, all we have to do is slowly tilt the bottle back up while pressing the same button we used to fill the bottle, and the water left in the bowl will go back into the bottle. This is great because many times we would fill the bowl and Happy would only drink some of the water and the rest would have to be thrown out.

This is a very hand tool for helping to reduce waste while keeping your precious pup hydrated.

If you are looking for a convenient way to keep your dog hydrated check out this handy portable dog water bottle available now on Amazon.

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