We go through life rushing about. Hurrying and scurrying about trying to make a few extra dollars so one day we can have our dream life.

Stop and play? You want me to stop and play? Who has time for play right now? First I must sniff out my fortune and then I can retire and take all the time I want to relax by the pool and enjoy my family.

Unfortunately, all too often we get so caught up in our pursuit of getting our dream life, that we forget how fragile life is and how quickly our precious time upon this earth passes. Lost in our desire for finding our dream life, we do not realize that time like a hungry cheetah is sprinting away. Until suddenly we wake up one morning to discover that time has done its cruel work and taken from us that which matters the most. And all the money in the world cannot buy back one precious moment of the dream that really mattered.

I worked so hard to find my fortune. But now that I have my stock pile of bones, I have no Grandpa to share my delicious fortune with. What good is hundreds of bones if you have no one to share it with? To think I spent all my time searching for bones dreaming about the fun adventures I would have with my dear Grandpa instead of having an adventure with Grandpa. And now that I found the fortune I longed for, all I can do is dream about the fun I might have had.