A casual companion may find it easier to take the simple road and speak words of flattery and peace, but a true friend will do the hard thing and speak the painful words of truth

What do you mean I cannot eat that plate of cookies? I may be little but I can eat more than a pup ten times my size.

Willingly enduring a period of heartache and pain in hopes of saving a friends life.

Oh yeah, I forgot that I am a diabetic. Its no fun, but you are right. I might have the appetite of a dog ten times my size, but thank to diabetes I have the sugar of a dog a hundred times my size too. Thanks to diabetes, the closest I will ever get to my wish of eating my weight in treats is by taking a long nap and dreaming myself full. I guess its a good thing I have such a true friend who, knowing it will break my heart is willing to endure the drama of a few tears knowing that in the end it is the only way to save my life!