It may be tempting to call the day raining and burry your head in the pillow,

Its too rainy and cold to go outside and to dark to read. I guess I shall just have to grin and bare it, and spend the next few days safely tucked in bed.

But if you are not careful, the minutes will slip into hours, which will give way to days, before melting into weeks and months. And before you know what has happened, decades have flown by, and all your dreams and opportunities have melted away.

Hey what happened.? Wasn’t it only yesterday that I went to bed with a grand idea for making my fortune? Something must be wrong because my crazy calendar claims that 15 years years have passed instead of one harmless day of lazy fun.

Therefore if you want to succeed, you must keep your eyes firmly on the prize and keep work and play in its rightful balance. And before you know it, the time will fly by, and you will wake up to discover that the dreams of your life have come to pass, instead of flying far away.