Happy’s Computer Poem

By Katherine B. Parilli

Some days this puppy loves to say,

think I may,

I think I might,

write a lovely poem tonight.


Then I sit down at my computer,

To type and type,

Until at last

My little poem I do write.


That is until my cruel computer

With merry heart does love to sing,

I think I may,

I think I might,

Refuse to type

Whatever it is that you want to write.

And so vainly I do try,

Until large puppy tears I do cry,

The sweet puppy thoughts of my heart

 to write and write.


Until at last with a frustrated sigh,

 I lift up my little head

And scream and scream

Because in vain the keys I do vainly ding and ding.


So with a sigh,

I give up for the night.

As my victorious computer does happily sing,

I knew I could

I knew I would

Win the battle,

Win the war,

And make you give up for the night.


Its not fair, I tried so very hard. But no matter how mightily upon the keys I did pound my computer did but sneer, until at last I gave up in despair.