If only it were true that there was such a thing as your truth and my truth, instead of the truth. How grand if truth would bend and turn to meet every whim, longing, and desire; instead of standing tall and firm like a granite mountain. Because then without fear or regret I would eat an extra large pizza followed by a mountain of yummy chocolate cake and ice cream. And when someone pointed a finger and declared that chocolate is deadly for little pups I would proudly declare, “That may be your truth, but in my world chocolate cake and pizza are healthier than broccoli and spinach. And my truth declares I can eat as much as want, whenever I want and it will not hurt me.

But sadly that is only a dream. Because every time I sit up and beg for a bite of chocolate cake, the idea of your truth melts away, and suddenly there is just the truth that chocolate and pizza is a deadly combo sweet little dogs like me.