We are living in a day when fact checking is becoming the norm. From the classroom to the funny lunch time tweet, it seems like  everything we write, tweet, post, watch, and even think is being fact checked.

In honor of this new trend, here are a 5  Happy approved puppy facts which every dog wishes were true, but will never pass the fact check test.

  1.  Fill your puppy’s bowl once, and it will stay full for life.
  2. If your house smells like onions, its because your dog wants pizza.
  3. Every time a horn honks, you must give your dog a ride.
  4. Every food your dog dog dreams about will be waiting for him in his bowl.
  5. A 20 pound dog can safely eat 5 times more than a two hundred pound man.
Number 5 is my personal favorite. If only my family and the vet believed it, I would be a very content little puppy.